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How we help: Distribute FREE clothing based on specific needs to students in grades  K-12 in CNY

serving: Onondaga & Madison County Schools

Clary's Closet, Inc. began when its founder, Alysia Clary saw children at her own children's elementary school in dire need of clothes. She started working with teachers, school nurses and aides, really anyone that needed assistance outfitting students. Before Alysia knew it she was on a mission to help other schools outside of her own. Currently, Clary's Closet, Inc., distributes clothing to several school age children in grades Kindergarten through twelfth grades in Ononodaga County. Based on their individual needs as a student. We provide new or gently used clothing dictated by the student's needs. 

about us

how we help

Distribute clothing based on specific needs of students
K-12th grade


Collect a wide variety of sizes to support every season


Collect new or gently used clothing in the community to help engage, recycle and reuse



Leverage school ‘closets’ to eliminate transportation challenges to a centralized location

Partner with schools, other charitable organizations, corporations
to foster sustainability


Generate community awareness of Clary’s Closet, Inc.
to increase support and enable solutions

our mission

We BELIEVE everyone should have access to clothing as a basic human right.

We provide a respectful, non-judgmental experience for those we serve
where no request for help will ever be ignored.

Our proactive approach to clothing issues through community partnerships build awareness while allowing everyone to be part of the process as well as the solution.

"It’s not how much we give but
how much love we put into giving"

– St. Mother Teresa